Durango Travel Guide

A few weeks ago, Sasha and I headed to my parent’s house in Durango, and honestly, I could have stayed forever. This old-timey city in Colorado has everything you need – great food and drinks, amazing views, fun activities, good shopping (well, not high fashion), and perfect weather. Sasha and I did two big hikes during our trip, a long bike ride, white river rafting, touring the town (the main street is just two streets over from our house, super convenient!), zip lining, and lots of eating.

Food and Drinks

Carver Brewing  Co. – Who would have guessed that a brewery would have a wide range of vegetarian options? I ate the Sesame Seared Ahi Stir Fry (substituted tofu for Ahi), and y’all, I practically licked my plate clean. Sasha ate the Tanaka (buffalo) burger and also loved it. They have big to-go beers called “Growlers” (discounted refills), so naturally Sasha and Dad had to drink one or two of those to prove their Colorado manliness.

Guido’s Italian Market – If you’re in Durango, don’t leave without eating the Grilled Portabello Mushroom Cap. It is phenomenal. We got that as an appetizer, and I seriously considered changing my entree to that so that I could eat another one!

Cyprus Cafe – The outdoor patio area here is perfect for a Durango restaurant. There is live music and amazing Mediterranean food. We ordered the falafel and feta to start, and I got the Warm Spinach Salad as my entree. I highly recommend that exact order.

Himalayan Kitchen – The meal began with chicken and veggie mo mos, which were good – I don’t like dumplings though, so I picked the veggies out like a child. I got the tofu saag as my main dish, and it was cooked perfectly. I was skeptical about a Tibetan restaurant in Colorado, but my concerns were unjustified – the food and drinks were amazing.

Jean Pierre’s Bakery – This beautiful French restaurant lures you in with the smell of fresh bread and keeps you there with a great wine selection. We spent a good period of time sitting on the patio, sipping wine and watching people pass by on our trip.

Top That Frozen Yogurt – This Main Avenue spot is the perfect way to end any meal – great self-serve flavor selection (and free samples).



Full Blast Adventure Center (Ziplining) – So. much. fun. Opt-in for the slightly more expensive Ponderosa Grande – you won’t regret it for a second.

Animas Mountain Trail – A 3-mile hike up the mountain leads you to breathtaking views. It’s a tough hike, but we loved every second of it.

Smelter Mountain Trail – Definitely a less intimidating hike than Animas, this one takes less time and has amazing views of the City of Durango.

Mountain Waters Rafting Co. – Ahh, do the two man kayak – take the front if you want to get soaked. It was such a good adventure, I want to do it all over again. They snapped candid photos (see below), which made us all laugh.











Great views! Ha.









11 Responses to “Durango Travel Guide”

  1. aileepetrovic

    Ohh, y’all should definitely make a trip there at some point. The outdoor activities and food are both incredible. It’s nice to be able to hike off last night’s dinner ;)

  2. Sasha Petrovic

    Real good trip! Can’t wait for this summer!!!

  3. Week 5 in Durango | Snapshots & My Thoughts | A Houstonian's Love of Paper, Style + Photos

    […] Week five has come and gone, and ohmygosh, I am not ready to go back to the ‘real world’ (i.e. Texas). However, I do miss everyone like crazy, and cannot wait to hug all of my family and friends. This past week flew by in anticipation of one of my best friends, Kirby, arriving on Thursday. I managed to run every day this past week, clock between 13,000-20,000 steps every day, enjoy short hikes to the top of a nearby mountain in the mornings, continue my Illustrator 101 and Floral Arranging 101 classes, work on the blog (some fun giveaways coming up soon!), and spend lots of time with Sasha, Belle (our dog) and sweet Isla. We also hiked the 6 mi. trail of the Animas Mountain together for the first time – Sasha and I did it last Labor Day when we were visiting (see photos here). […]


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