Making a Pass at Provisions

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After hungrily lusting at Provisions for far too long, Sasha and I finally had a double date  there on Saturday. Housed in the old Gravitas building (and the even older original Antone’s PoBoy Deli location), this dual-intentioned restaurant (both The Pass and Provisions) tickles all audiences’ fancies, with an elaborate sit-down 7-course meal dinner at the former, and a more relaxed dish-sharing atmosphere for the latter.

The walls are covered with repurposed floorboards from a nearby gymnasium, which gives Provisions a very retro, cool vibe. On one wall, the original lightbulb-ringed Antone’s sign is on display, which is a nice commemorative touch to the building’s original tenant. The entire middle row of tables is adjustable, so you can make one long, communal table or have a dozen two-seaters. In addition to the restaurant’s decor, the unisex bathrooms have a looped soundtrack of Julia Child, whom I adore (partially due to my love of Meryl Streep, who played her in Julie & Julia).

The Pass and Provisions was recently named the #6 best new restaurant in America by Bon Appetit magazine, and I now see why. While not the most vegetarian friendly menu in Houston, our waitress was more than happy to remove the duck eggs from the Brussels sprout appetizer, which was one of the most delicious Brussels sprouts dishes I’ve ever tried. I ordered the Arugula Cress Salad, which was very tasty, but definitely an appetizer sized dish (cue another bowl of Brussels sprouts being ordered for the group).


Owners Terrence Gallivan and Seth Siegel-Gardner


Authentic gymnasium wood floors act as wall panels


The communal table in the middle of the restaurant

Provisions-910x606The Antone’s sign on the far wall


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4 Responses to “Making a Pass at Provisions”

  1. kikimac

    you wrote this with such beautiful words! i love hearing how two people can have such a different experience at the same place.


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