Glassine Envelope Announcements

I am ever-s0-slightly obsessed with glassine birth announcements. When I saw these on Etsy, I could not get over how cute they were!  I love the colors, liner, letterpress, and typography… but most of all, the glassine envelope with Liam’s sweet photo. I love the simplicity of glassine envelopes – and especially when they are sealed with colorful washi tape (good online selections here). Another cute example is here. Making your own glassine invitation or announcement can be simple! You can order envelopes here on Amazon. You can get a custom stamp made on Etsy or Antiquaria and easily print on them, or leave them blank and include them as an accessory to paper goods. Have you seen any cute glassine invitations or announcements before?






6 Responses to “Glassine Envelope Announcements”

  1. honizukle2014

    Hi Ailee, thanks so much for featuring Liam’s announcements. I had a lot of fun planning and making these. Thanks for your wonderful comments about them. :)

    :: Kimberly ::

  2. Jae

    These are lovely, Ailee! Wish I were as creative as people who do this kind of stuff.


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