Our Durango Adventure

large copyI learned two of my favorite quotes from my American Literature course at The University of Texas at Austin. Both relate to nature (such a treehugger!). I posted the Thoreau quote here. The other one is a quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s: “Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail.” I love the thought of creating your own path in life – taking unexpected turns and making ad hoc decisions. Cue the decision for Sasha and I to move to Durango, Colorado for 8 weeks. We tossed around the idea one day while walking our dog (pre-Isla) and sort of said, “why not?” Sasha put in his two weeks at work this week, and I’m taking maternity leave until mid-September – our adventure will start in two weeks, after Sasha finishes his capstone assignment in Austin. I am so excited. Our days will involve hikes, bikes, walks, playing horse shoe, reading on the patio, walking along Main Street, and letting Isla become “one with nature” (ha). I’ve never been so ready for an adventure in my life! I’m ready to leave our trail.

You can read my Durango travel guide here

Pictures from my sister’s wedding weekend in Durango here

7 Responses to “Our Durango Adventure”

  1. KiKiMac

    wow!! how fun!! i like people who blaze their own trails. y’all are so exciting. i want to jump on mara’s coattails and come too! as sasha knows, i stock up when i grocery shop. weird?

  2. Anna Vassar

    So excited for you Ailee. Truly an amazing decision!


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