Dream Living Rooms

Perhaps because Isla’s nursery is complete, I am super itchy to redo our living room. I have been scouring the internet for inspiration… probably much to Sasha’s dismay! We’ve only been in our house for a year, but there are many things I would like to change. In a few years, we plan to do a custom build, and I want to have every single room mapped out before we design anything. The living room is where we spend most time (second to the kitchen, which might be surpassed by Isla’s nursery right now!), so that would be where I focused most of my attention. I also want to build a toy room, as I am a freak about baby ‘stuff’ cluttering up the house. Our good friends are turning their office into a nursery – super jealous (although I love our study!!). Some of my favorite living rooms are posted below – including my sister’s newly renovated home. What do you think? Are these your style? Sasha finds it a tad girly, but he’s generally okay with letting me make design decisions (not so much with art!).

PS We are headed to Durango today! So excited for this new chapter in our lives.

Caitlin Moran via Glitter GuideHome-Tour-Career-Contessa-Full-Gallery-0030-e1393303804670



Michele Lee via Glitter Guide



Devon Dyer via Glitter Guide





Julia Engel via Rue Magazine




HouzzScreen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.32.26 AM

My Sister’s House

photo (2)

Have you seen a living room you love? Please share if you have!

4 Responses to “Dream Living Rooms”

  1. KiKiMac

    oh my goodness! your sister’s house is amaaaazzzziiinnngggg!! i can’t see sasha agreeing to the other girly ones, but it’s worth a try ;) i love your living room! it’s difficult with open rooms. we just rearranged ours and it’s much better, but of course, there’s always room for improvement!

    • aileepetrovic

      I know – I have major, major house envy!!! And EXACTLY – they are all too girly apparently. I can never win!!! I can’t wait to see your new arrangement :)

  2. Chelsea

    Your sister’s house is awesome! Those blue chairs are so fabulous. Where did she find them? Love it!


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