Highlights of Week One in Durango

We’ve been in Durango for just over a week now, and we are loving it. Sasha said to me yesterday, “You realize the most important and stressful decision we make all day is what we’re going to eat for dinner.” I laughed – but it’s true. We go on about four to five walks a day, as my parents live within 5 minutes of the grocery store, Main Street where all of the restaurants and shops are, Animas River, and mountain trails. My Nike Fuel Band is back in action! I wrote a Durango Travel Guide post last year, but I definitely have to update it after trying many new restaurants, juice bars and ice cream shops. I’ve put together an assortment of photos from our first week – as you can tell, I’ve been very trigger happy as of late.

What are your summer plans?

PS Happy birthday, Mum and Karine!


Isla flew from Houston to Denver to Durango and slept through every second of it (thank you, Lord!)


Walking to Durango Joe’s for morning coffee with the whole Petrovic family


Hiking and biking (while the grandparents were here to babysit!)


I finally found a bow that is semi-appropriately sized for a newborn – and a tutu dress from my sweet co-workers!


Celebrating our one year anniversary — with dinner and on a raft!


My favorite bow romper from Paola (I love Janie and Jack!) and our romantic rooftop anniversary dinner


Staring at that face all day and praying she always wants to hold my hand


Geared up for a day on the water (another Paola gift!) and a wet pup from lots of Animas River swimming


Isla’s new nap place – the BabyBjorn – and a tired tanner in her Baby Gap swimsuit from Erin


Navajo State Park adventures with the whole family (Isla slept through the entire experience)


A sneak peak of Isla’s newborn photos from Taylor Lord and I’ve finally sent all of the birth announcements!


Father-daughter bonding moments that make me heart melt


Hamming it up – and wearing her UT apparel! Girl’s gonna be a Longhorn fan, for sure

9 Responses to “Highlights of Week One in Durango”

  1. Sasha Petrovic

    I’m already having a panic attack that we only have 6 weeks left :-/

  2. Life in Durango & Isla’s Two Month Anniversary | Snapshots & My Thoughts | A Houstonian's Love of Paper, Style + Photos

    […] Our first week in Durango was very go-go-go. We’ve gotten into more of a routine by the point, which helps this feel more like home. We’ve established local restaurant favorites – Himalayan Kitchen, Grassburger, Durango Coffee Company, and Cream Bean Berry – and had a schedule for exercise, feeding, sleeping, “working,” etc. Isla is growing by the second – I wish we knew her exact weight, because I feel like she’s doubled in size in the last 8 weeks. She celebrated her two month anniversary on Monday, August 4. I cannot believe it. She is super smiley, gurgles all day long, wants to be “standing” all the time, still spits up everywhere after eating (see bottom photo), does not enjoy tummy time except for the first 1-2 minutes, and is very used to having a camera in her face. Isla’s gassiness is much better now that I’ve cut out all dairy (i.e. become a vegan – ohmygosh I miss cheese!). Her (okay, my) favorite books are Snuggle Puppy and Oh Baby, Go Baby. She is finally getting used to taking a bottle, but I am not a huge fan of pumping! Isla went on her first hike and slept through the entire adventure (typical!). She loves, and I mean loves, sleeping in the BabyBjorn carrier. We are doing CIO (ah!) and had her fall asleep without a peep the last two nights (praying it stays that way!). We’re still learning lots and lots every day. We love her to pieces. […]


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