Isla’s Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Birth Announcements

At long last, Isla’s birth announcements have been sent! I am so relieved to have completed this major project – one which started well before she was born! I did the calligraphy on all 100 envelopes prior to her birth (thank goodness!), cut the envelope liners using this Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper, stamped our return address using a custom stamp from Angelique Ink, and created the design for the announcement (which was printed by Czar Press). When Isla arrived, all I had left to do was update the design with the appropriate information, get it printed, have Isla’s photos taken by Taylor Lord and printed locally, add the photos to the glassine bags, punch holes, tie bows, and voila – done. Whew. Yes, I am exhausted, but so happy to have finished my second big project (first being Sasha’s graduation announcements). Baby number two will likely have an e-card (ha!).







Duplex announcement card printing by Czar Press

Ribbon and kraft envelopes from Paper Source

Wildflower Liner from Rifle Paper Co.

Isla photo by Taylor Lord

Custom return stamp from Angelique Ink

Dr. Martin’s Pen White calligraphy ink from Paper and Ink Arts

Glassine bags from JenStampz

Calligraphy and photos by me

6 Responses to “Isla’s Rifle Paper Co. Inspired Birth Announcements”

  1. Sasha Petrovic

    I’m going to have to take credit for 2% of Isla’s birth announcements since I was tasked with stuffing every single envelope!

  2. Vicki N

    I felt the need to tell you that I got your announcement today and was so thrilled!!! (apparently, it was delivered via bike or something, since it took 2+ weeks). Secondly, it was soooooo beautiful that I am now inspired to take a calligraphy course!! (now, to find the perfect one!!)


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