Isla’s Newborn Photos by Taylor Lord

When the doorbell rang yesterday, and Sasha came into the living room with a package, I freaked out. Isla’s newborn photos had arrived from Taylor Lord. We opened them, read Taylor’s sweet letter and immediately started looking at each photo, one by one. I love them so much. Taylor captured our happiness and Isla’s sweetness perfectly. I am absolutely terrible at editing down photos, so pardon the large number of pictures in this post, but I had to share my favorites. I love this little girl so much, and I am so happy that the Lord blessed Taylor with such an incredible talent. View Taylor’s website here and her blog here. View details about Isla’s nursery here.

PS We took these over a month ago – Isla is so much bigger by now! It’s crazy how fast they grow.

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Baby Isla-013



Baby Isla-116



Baby Isla-048




Baby Isla-077



Baby Isla-063



Baby Isla-074



Baby Isla-111


Baby Isla-070



Baby Isla-084



Baby Isla-116



16 Responses to “Isla’s Newborn Photos by Taylor Lord”

  1. MontgomeryFest

    they’re here! they’re here! GORGEOUS. all of it. the photography and you are just a family of stunners and Miss Isla’s head of hair!

  2. Jae

    She looks a lot like you, Ailee! How’s being a first-time Mom? :)

    By the way, I have moved out of WordPress, but it’s still SCATTERBRAIN. I hope you can drop by!

    • aileepetrovic

      Thank you! She’s just older than 8 weeks now, and I like it more and more every day. The first two months were very tiring! The new blog looks absolutely amazing!! What host are you using?

      • Jae

        Has it been 8 weeks since?!

        Thank you!! It’s not as functional as WordPress, but the UI is cleaner. I’m now on Squarespace platform.

      • aileepetrovic

        Yes! It’s seriously crazy. And I’ve heard that! My friend, Christie, just made the switch too. I’m considering it!

      • Jae

        It’s not as functional as WordPress, though, and I’ve noticed my readership went down dramatically since I switched. Perhaps people still prefer following via WordPress, I don’t know. :(

  3. Rachael Ferguson

    Ailee & Sasha – Isla is so incredibly gorgeous (she does have great genes, after all)! I absolutely love all of these pictures, as they capture the love & happiness you all share so perfectly. I have been reading every one of your blog posts, Ailee, since you posted the link on Facebook, & each one is so well written & entertaining. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts, & I would love to meet Isla some day. You guys are such a stunning family, full of people who are beautiful both inside & out :)

    • aileepetrovic

      Rachael, You are too sweet!! Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed reading through. I can’t wait for you and Isla to meet when we’re back. xo


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