Sutcliffe Vineyards

On Saturday, we packed up two cars (Sasha’s mom, her friend, my sister and her boyfriend were visiting) and headed to Cortez, Colorado to visit Sutcliffe Vineyards. My parents are friends with the owner, John Sutcliffe, who is definitely the most interesting man alive. Sasha and I met John for the first time a few weeks ago when he came over for dinner, and he invited us to visit the vineyard for a private tasting and we took him up on the offer. The hour and a half drive was over rolling hills, next to spectacular mountains – everywhere you looked, there was a photo opportunity. Unfortunately, Sasha was driving, so we didn’t stop once! The vineyard is centered around a tall, red tower which you’ll see on the wine labels. The fields and fields of grapes are uncharacteristic of the dry, mountainous views next to it. The wine is phenomenal – my favorite is the Petit Verdot, which you can purchase online. Isla was extremely well-behaved during the trip, except for the 5 minutes when she was hungry and refused a bottle that I had pumped earlier! We need to work on that (although I selfishly don’t mind just feeding her myself!). My favorite part of the trip was not the amazing wine, nor the gorgeous scenery, but John’s fascinating stories. The man refuses to not pick up a hitch hiker (plenty of good stories to accompany that), he rattles off detailed accounts of his eccentric Uncle Percy who lived in England and wore WWII soldier apparel around town although he did not go to war,  and tells the story about the vineyard’s conception being that his architect told him grape leaves would make for a good view out of his dining room window. I mean, really? If you’re ever in the Telluride or Durango area, I highly recommend visiting Sutcliffe Vineyards and meeting John. You and your taste buds won’t regret it!










4 Responses to “Sutcliffe Vineyards”

    • aileepetrovic

      Thank you so much, love! Oh I know – I love that photo too! Such a teensy little hand. But she grabs EVERYTHING now… including my hair. Hello, ponytails. xo

  1. KiKiMac

    great photos! i love the detail shots. i didn’t realize you had another sister! y’all are having the best “trip” ever!


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