Isla Loves: The Honest Co. Diapers

I will admit it – I was one of those new moms who brought diapers to the hospital because I wanted her in the cute patterned ones right away. I never, ever thought I would be a diaper snob, but The Honest Co. has proved me wrong. I am indeed very picky about the diapers Isla wears – and these are the best. Not only do I love picking out Isla’s outfits every morning, I also love deciding which pattern of diaper she’ll wear. We subscribe to the monthly delivery, and you get to pick six prints from the wide assortment offered (see a selection below). My absolute favorite pattern is the strawberry one, while Sasha loves the giraffes. I happily let her do tummy time in just her diaper because they are so cute. I highly recommend that you get premium diapers and wipes for less than $20 a week from – you and your little loved ones won’t regret it. Just this week, we got our monthly shipment, and I mistakenly ordered another package of size 1 diapers. While they still fit her now, I doubt they will in another four weeks. We gave The Honest Co. a call on the day they arrived, and they immediately sent a return label and waived the shipping and restocking fees. I love them!

We also use and love the Honest Shampoo & Body Wash. It contains only natural and organic ingredients and doesn’t hurt when it gets in baby’s eyes (trust me, Isla would let me know if it did!). I cannot wait to try some of their other bath products!

I’m excited to announce that I am a new Honest Company Ambassador! I am really passionate about this wholesome company and proud to help promote their products. I’ll be sharing other reviews of their many items – I hope you give them a try as well.





P.S. Dearest Isla, sorry for sharing so many pictures of that tiny little butt and cute chunky thighs with the world! :)

8 Responses to “Isla Loves: The Honest Co. Diapers”

  1. KiKiMac

    E would definitely side with Sasha! And I will most definitely be a diaper snob! Why expose them to all the yucky stuff so early? The Honest Co. has a great mission, and I’m excited to read more about your reviews! Congrats, Ms. Ambassador.
    Now don’t forget about us baby-less readers! And come home soon!


    • aileepetrovic

      I’ll be home in no time – and we will start planning our party! You are now the workshop expert. I agree re: yucky stuff. Pure from day 1! And thank you!! We’re in this learning journey together, right?? ALSO, I still cannot subscribe to emails on KiKiMac :(

  2. KiKiMac

    Yay! I know about the emails :( …I started to sign up with Mail Chimp, but you have to put in your address, which is published on all newsletters, and I find that incredibly creepy. Still trying to look into other options. Thanks for your reminders though because I generally think about it once a week, and promptly forget that needs to be done. I guess people are subscribing via RSS…but I have no idea what that means!


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