Floral Fridays: Tulip Love

Week two of my Floral Arranging 101 with Nicole’s Classes has come and gone, and the homework assignment was to create a wild English garden arrangement. Our instructor’s example (see top photo) is literally to die for. I want her talent! Like I said last week, the local Durango flower and vase options are very limited, so I couldn’t produce as fancy an arrangement; however, I chose a bold colored tulip as my focal flower and ran with it.

I absolutely adore tulips (second favorite, to peonies, and runner-up to garden roses). I dug into my wedding pinboards and found some of my favorite tulip bouquets and arrangements. They also make for the perfect desk decoration – I’ll be sharing my favorite office spaces next week! I can’t wait.

Lastly, the winner of the BABYBJÖRN Carrier We giveaway is Vanessa W. Congratulations! Make sure you enter the BabyLit giveaway by midnight tonight and use code ‘Isla’ to receive 40% off at BabyLit.com. Have a wonderful weekend!

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 8.16.48 PM


Tulip Floral Inspiration






7 Responses to “Floral Fridays: Tulip Love”

  1. Jess

    Loving your floral work Ailee! This calls for a play date/floral arranging get together v soon! xxx

    • aileepetrovic

      Thank you! I still need lots more practice and help from you! Yes please! Can’t wait. My goal is to make a floral crown… Have you done one? Up for a challenge? See you soon. Xo

  2. Mara

    Of course you love tulips, I do too! My absolute favorite and all over my wedding. Awesome bouquet! Xx


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