Work It Out

I genuinely believe that feeling good (i.e. stylish) in your workout clothes is one of the best inspirations to get yourself to the gym. I used to care a lot less about my exercise style, but have recently change my tone. My sister-in-law is a Lululemon fanatic – she owns everything from the store and has been amazing and gifted me lots of workout goodies. I recently purchased these Nike Lunarglide 6 Running Shoes and feel just as excited about them as a new pair of heels. They are amazing. If you’re in the market for a new pair of running kicks, I highly recommend these.

As soon as we’re back in Houston, I’m giving up my 24 Hour Fitness membership to get one to Life Time Fitness. One of my good friends has a membership there, and I’m excited about all of the classes we’re going to do together (and they have great daycare! Hooray!). I’ve put together some bright yellow inspired workout outfits for my three favorite activities – running, spin and yoga.

Do you enjoy buying workout clothing? What are your favorite running shoes?

Lastly, the winner of the BabyLit giveaway is Fiona! Congratulations!

workout gear


Nike Lunarglide 6 Running Shoes //  Sports Bra // Shorts


Nike Wrap Shoes // Lululemon Pants // Training Tank


Workout Shorts // Cycling Shoes // Tank

Featured image via Cyril Masson (check out her amazing workout photography)

14 Responses to “Work It Out”

  1. Mara

    Lulu!!!!!! Those spin shoes are really fun. I belong to a small gym near my house (I WISH there was a LTF near me! I worked out there in MN and LOVED it) and there is no spinning – I miss it! Have you heard of flywheel? I might start that 1x per week in addition to my other fitness routines. Love the yellow! xx.

    • aileepetrovic

      Yes! They have Flywheel studios in the Dallas area, but not Houston [yet]. Spin in addition to gym AND personal training? You’re not messing around. I need a gym stat. My only arm workout is carrying Isla.

      • Mara

        Ok miss I run 600 miles a week. Ps I am in Texas next week and you’re not. Sadness.

  2. Jordan

    I have heard that InoV8s(pronounced “innovates”) are really great shoes. You can get them for all types of fitness regimens (hiking, running, lifting, etc.). Eventually I intend on checking them out for running!

  3. KiKiMac

    I wish you were joining Memorial Athletic Club!! Then I’d be more motivated. They have a great daycare too. I went to abs + buns yesterday morning and can barely move today! #BodyByFelipe

    I love Lulu too, but I am still wearing everything I bought two years ago. #SullivansOnABudget


    PS- thanks for your sweet comment on my afternoon tea post! I switched over to Disqus comments and lost all comments. Wasn’t expecting that!


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