Isla Loves: The Wedding Chicks (40% off Promo Code)

It may sound ridiculous to anyone who does not have kids or is not pregnant, but the first year monthly photos are a pretty big deal, and deciding how you will style and take them is something that takes a bit of consideration. Will you buy cute little stickers and put them on a pillow (like these: Lucy Darling Monthly Onesie Stickers) or on a plain onesie? Or will you style a photo using wooden blocks to spell out the months (like this cute photo)?

As you can see from the photos below, I decided to buy The Wedding Chicks’ Genny Monthly Onesies, and I’m so glad that I did. All twelve months have different cute fonts and you can select from a wide variety of colors. I cannot wait to put all 12 pictures next to each other to see how much she changed throughout her first year. The Wedding Chicks also have Ombre Monthly Onesies and Modern Monthly Onesies – I love them all.

I discovered The Wedding Chicks while planning our wedding a year and a half ago and immediately became addicted. I bought hankerchiefs for our flower girls and my dad, and recently bought Isla one after she was born to give her at her wedding. I am about to order Isla this onesie, as every Texas gal needs it!

I also love customizing totes and gift bags for engagement, wedding and birthday gifts. The prices are so reasonable, and it is such a nice touch to have a personalized present. Their selection of customizable baby bibs, onesies and shirts are so cute.

If you’re like me, you’ll want everything in the store, and fortunately, you can get it all for 40% off today (Friday, September 5) through next Friday, September 12. All you need to do is go to, load up your shopping cart, and use promo code ‘SMTPromo‘ when checking out.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your shopping! If you have Instagram, I’d love if you followed my new blog account!




DSC_0097 - Version 2


She has grown so much in the past two months! See Month 1 and Month 2

12 Responses to “Isla Loves: The Wedding Chicks (40% off Promo Code)”

  1. MontgomeryFest

    squeeeeaal! I could stare at photos of her all day. like, really. and I’m now on a mission to find shorts so she and I can match. also, I must say, your photography skillz are A+ AaaaaaPlus.

  2. KiKiMac

    Isla has the cutest mouth! And eyes of course. All of her…then add those sparkly shorts! Agh! I love the wedding chicks shop! That’s where we got our wedding welcome bag totes from. So quick + easy!

    • aileepetrovic

      Ha, thank you! Unfortunately she has her dad’s nonexistent upper lip. Thank goodness for fillers (kidding). I want those shorts! And I didn’t know you got your totes from Wedding Chicks. Love that. About to order a ton of totes for random occasions :)

      • KiKiMac

        I was always so embarrassed about my full lips (I did grow into them), and my mom would say, “people pay a lot of money to have lips like that.” Ha!

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